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Track: Kiss Me Thru The Phone
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“Call your mother. Tell her you love her. Remember you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.”

— (via 5ft1)
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Track: Jackson Pollock D*ick
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you do realise that this is an actual Japanese style called “Half” and she’s not actually being racist, she actually explains this in the beginning of the video. don’t make this another “hello kitty” incident.

ah yes, of course she isn’t an asian fetishiser. how could i have been mistaken. i was so wrong. i see the light now. none of this is racist at all, just like how that hello kitty video wasn’t racist. please forgive my gross oversight.

then again, most youtubers do the same, she just wants to do her own take on makeup is all, it isn’t racist she’s just enjoying another culture apart from her own.

"most youtubers do the same, so it’s not racist"
everyone look at this white kid trying to tell asian people what is and isn’t racist

White teen girls smh

i bet if you did a tutorial on how to be white by speaking in a nasally voice and saying “this water is too spicy” whites would be crying racism rn

the fact that you have to include a disclaimer on your videos that they’re “~not~ racist” it should kinda tell you…something…..
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