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if you go to Canada come too Toronto or Vancouver or else you asking to kill yourself. Unless you like nature LOL.

is that were you live? LMAO. but yeah dude as long as i’m away from florida i don’t care WHERE i am. but duly noted, thanks for the suggestions~~

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wow i say “dude” a lot i hope nobody gets offended about being ~misgenered~ lmao

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UGH THANK U ANNIE YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN SO SUPPORTIVE :’) and dude my little sister is going to canada??????? i hate her. but she’s only going for a day smh but yessss i wanna go i want to meet my myspace top 8 gurl annie :~))))

honestly this summer has sucked ass so i’m so so so excited to be leaving to vegas in 2 days EEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

get to spend three weeks with hiro after not being together for six months…it’s been really hard this time around. i know i don’t show it as much as he’d like me to but i really do miss him so much..i’m so happy to even see him for a day.

gonna hopefully meet tickerace so she can show me cool places in vegas although tbh just being in vegas is exciting enough for me lmao florida sucks to bad

and of course going to LA to meet my sweet angel mln-drk omg i love you so much ugh finna get some korean bbq FINNA GO TO THE FACE SHOP hell ya. seriously my best friend, my other half

seriously all i’ve looked forward too this summer because there’s people like on the other side of the country who actually make the effort to hang out with me unlike over here where my “”“”“friends”“”“” are like dead or something

this year i really wanna get my shit together so i can travel and just make friends???????????? like i’m so tired of spending all my time in my room and having time just pass by without even doing shit. i want to go to canada :~) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i just haven’t been happy/excited in a long time and it’s just now hitting me that i’m going to vegas on wednesday

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Anonymous asked:
my goal in life is to eat your ass


mine is to work hard and amass a fortune so none of my loved ones ever need to know economic struggle or hardship again

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*white person reblogging an ed sheeran song or something*
This shit slaps!! I’m turnt up

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